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Eat Well Get Well Program

Are you recovering from a major surgery, cancer treatment or just in need of rehabilitation time due to an injury or illness?
Many individuals return home from a hospital stay alone and without a caregiver.  Food pantries and refrigerators may not be stocked with healthy, easy to prepare foods. Foods that are available may be out dated and no longer servable.
Recovering individual may not be strong enough to shop for fresh foods to restock their food pantry. Healthy nutrition is critical at this time for the healing process. Eating right and connecting with someone on a daily basis can make the difference between a successful transition home and a readmission back to the hospital. That is where the Catholic Charities Eat Well Get Well program can help.  Nutritious meals are provided by the Catholic Charities Senior Dining Meals on Wheels Program. Cost of this service is based on an individual assessment and is offered in designated areas.