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Thank you

I just needed help

I would like to tell you how Catholic Charities Domus Transitional Housing helped me change my life. Before I entered treatment, I was living in my opinion, crazy. I was moving all the time, never feeling like I had a "home". I was not being the mother my daughter deserved and that was killing me emotionally, and I was killing myself physically with drugs and alcohol. I felt hopeless. After treatment and halfway, I had some hope of providing a "home" for myself and my daughter. I just needed some help achieving that goal.

Domus was for me was exactly what I needed to help me achieve my goals. The idea of housing with other women and their children after spending almost 90 days in treatment did not sound like fun. At first, I just tried to make the best of it and keep to myself. Keeping to myself was a bit hard, living in the same house, but the freedom I had to come and go as I wanted helped a lot because there was time to be alone. There was also time to spend my days getting errands done that would help me in my future.

My advice to those who live in Domus after me is every day, plan on take a step toward your ultimate goal. And if you ever need help on which step to make next, case managers are always ready to help with putting you in the right direction. They were always very helpful to me in many different ways: housing resources, budgeting money and recovery support. If you're here after recovery, recovery needs to be your number one priority, because without it, you will never become the woman you deserve to be. It is now your responsibility. Make sure you go to meetings. I can't stress this enough, just because you are in a sober house, doesn't mean you’re safe from temptations.

Another thing that I was not that thrilled about is the Long Term Stability Credit Restoration process. Restoring my credit was the best thing I did for my finances. Now that I have my own apartment and am going to school, there is hope of me buying a house, someday.
I never thought in a million years I could buy a house, but it is my new goal. The Long Term Money is not being withheld from you, it is for your best interest. I was very thankful when I moved out that I had some money saved up to buy some things for my new home.