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How a passionate young man is making a difference
Andy is a passionate young man. He is passionate about his faith, passionate about his music and passionate about helping others.
When he was 18, but before he graduated from high school, his family moved from a small Central Minnesota town to the east coast. It was there that he lost his focus and fell in with the wrong crowd.
To get back on the right path, Andy made the difficult decision to move back to that Central Minnesota town, alone.
His immediate family wasn’t able to help him financially. He did have a small network of people at his church who were willing to take him in for a time, but after hopping from one couch to another, Andy found himself at risk of becoming homeless.
It was then he contacted Catholic Charities Supported Housing for Youth (SHY) Program.
Andy met with his Independent Living Skills Counselor, weekly to set goals. She also made sure he was working toward his GED, and going to work – requirements of the program.
Andy had a job, but the hours that were available to him fluctuated widely. His unreliable car was also a barrier to getting to his job, to keeping his appointments with Independent Living Skills Counselor, and to work towards his GED.  
SHY’s focus may be housing, but in Andy’s case, transportation was a barrier, so SHY staff helped him overcome that barrier in the best way they could – by meeting him in his hometown. Andy received some help with his rent, as well as household items that he wasn’t able to purchase on his own.
Today, Andy is working full time, has an apartment and is working on a ministry – helping other young people.
“I don’t know where I would be today without the SHY program,” said Andy, “I really wanted to be on my own, now I have my own place and am going to go to college. Now I want to give back and help those in need.”