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To our gifts from God

Appreciation from a family adopted through Catholic Charities Share the Spirit Program

Sending very sincere thank yous to all you incredibly generous, loving people who have opened your hearts to our family this past Christmas. You gave our family the gift of joyous laughter in a heavy time through those gifts. My daughters have both benefitted tremendously from the car care re-supplies. We were able to purchase more HEAT in those cold, cold days following Christmas after realizing it's importance.

We thank God for you each day as we cook and clean with the pots.

The sleds have provided much fun this year, and my daughter was thrilled with the shovel.

Please know that your care and generosity are not forgotten easily. Your gifts are a service to our Savior, and they have shown us His unending love to even us. Our kids go without so much; it is good to see them receive and enjoy the gifts of surprise and abundance this Christmas. I believe it does restore their faith in Christ's love - that He does know their name and notice their need when they receive not one gift, but three or four.

We can never repay you for your kindness.

To be honest, I don't want to even attempt to replace the reward my Lord has for you in your generous love. I am simply so thankful for having others walk this journey with us as you have. And I'm glad to have finally come to the words needing to be shared with you: God bless! 

- A family adopted through the Share the Spirit Program