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Hurricane Disaster Response

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We appreciate your compassion for those facing disasters around the country and around the world.
At Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud, our expertise is helping people here, in Central Minnesota. We believe strongly that those with the most expertise should always be called upon to lead relief efforts. In this manner, resources will be used most wisely, and the greatest number of people may be assisted.
In this age of internet donations, and easily accessible information, we request that you make donations intended for out-of-area disaster victims directly to organizations who are providing relief.
In that spirit, we offer links to the websites of several national and international organizations who we know to treat those in need the way we would – with dignity and respect.
Catholic Charities USA Disaster Relief 
Catholic Charities USA has a disaster relief fund that is used to assist disaster victims across the United States.
Catholic Charities USA Member Organizations
When our staff ask where to give in times of crisis, we often direct them to the local CCUSA member organization.
Catholic Relief Services
CRS has a strong background in emergency preparedness and response. CRS works directly with affected communities and local partners to help restore and strengthen their pre-disaster capacities.