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Catholic Charities Senior Dining provides nutrition services and health promotions programs

Catholic Charities Senior Dining provides nutrition services and health promotions programs

Contact Information:
Ruth Hunstiger                                              
Senior Dining Director
(320) 229-4592
Trina Dietz
Communications Coordinator
(320) 650-1644

Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Cloud has received funding under the contract with the Central Minnesota Council on Aging, as part of the Older Americans Act which was enacted by Congress in 1965. This funding has made it possible to offer the services to its Senior Dining/Meals on Wheels Program and Health Promotions Program.
Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Cloud provides the Senior Dining Program in Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, Wright, Pine, Chisago, Mille Lacs, Isanti and Kanabec counties. Currently this service is available at more than 40 locations and their surrounding communities. Service is provided in 49 communities in the 9 counties served.
Senior Dining
The purpose of the Senior Dining Program is to provide for persons age 60 and older, and their spouse regardless of age, the opportunity to socialize and share in a well-balanced meal. All meals provide one third of the recommended dietary allowance. Diners are provided information regarding financial assistance, transportation, housing, health education opportunities and medical needs.
Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels are available for person 60 and over when homebound by reason of illness, disability, or isolated location. Meals on Wheels services are provided at all dining sites if no other meals on wheels program exists in that community. The meal delivery provides a friendly visit and a security check. The dining site staff offers information on available resources.
Health Promotions
Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Cloud provides evidence-based health programming which is defined as a program that has been evaluated in two important types of research and shown to have important health outcomes. Catholic Charities Health Promotions Program was shaped in 2008 and established in 2011. Health Promotions programming is currently offered within the nine counties of Central Minnesota. The Health Promotions Program offers an array of classes:
  • Diabetes Self-Management Program
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (An Evidence-Based Self-Management Stanford Workshops developed at Stanford University
  • Living Well with Chronic Conditions (An Evidence-Based Self-Management Stanford Workshops developed at Stanford University),
  • A Matter of Balance™ (developed by Boston University)
  • Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance™ (developed by Oregon Research Institute)
  • Healthy Eating for Successful Living in Older Adults (Lahey Clinic in MA. and Hebrew Senior Life).
All evidence based programs offered by Catholic Charities, increase the self-reliance and general wellbeing of persons 60 and older by increasing knowledge on the importance of healthy senior nutrition, physical activity, medication related issues and self-determination and utilize goal setting, problem solving and self-monitoring to optimize individual behavior change.
Senior Dining services as well as health promotions are deemed vitally important in promoting aging in place and healthier independent lives for older Americans. The program office is located at 157 Roosevelt Road, Suite 200, St. Cloud, MN. 56301. Catholic Charities website location is http://ccstcloud.org/seniordining
Volunteers are the heart of both of these programs and they provide thousands of hours annually. Jobs include kitchen and dining room duties, record-keeping, transportation, meal delivery, health coaches and entertainment.
Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organization that advances the charitable and social mission of the Diocese of St. Cloud. It builds communities, promotes family life, and enhances human dignity by providing quality services to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families of all faiths and beliefs.